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Interested in joining the DECO Lab?

That's amazing to hear! Please have a read through the kind of research we focus on at our Research page, as well as the General Information below that would pertain to your individual career stage before reaching out through our contact form. 

General Information

If you are interested in applying to my lab, please send me an email at containing a brief summary of your research interests and how they align with my lab, your CV, potential sources of funding, and the names and contact information of two academic referees. Although being SCUBA certified is not a requirement to join my lab, it is highly desirable.

In this lab, we believe...

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are pivotal aspects of a successful career in science.

Respect for others and nature is a must.

Kindness should be practiced at all times, particularly when giving constructive criticism.

Meaningful engagement and collaboration with the local communities in which we work are essential parts of how we conduct research.

Taking our science "beyond the ivory tower" is our obligation to society.

Work-life balance is critical to living a full, productive, and happy life.

Opportunities at the DECO Lab

Postdoc Researcher

My lab is currently accepting postdocs, and I am happy to help you apply for funding.

Graduate Students

My lab will be accepting MSc and PhD students for Fall 2024.

Undergraduate Students

My lab will be accepting undergraduate research assistants and honours projects for Summer 2024.


Come find out what it's like to be part of a team of amazing, new researchers working towards mitigating the negative effects of climate change and invasive species on Caribbean coral reefs!

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